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Emagination Tech Camp
Summer computer and technology camp programs for girls and boys.

Computer Summer Camps
Overnight and day camps for techies of all ages.

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Computer Camps

Technology Summer Camps and Computer Summer Camps are great for boys and girls. Many computer camps in the US and Canada provide programming, gaming and other types of summer camp programs.

Video Game Design Camps

Computer Camps with a focus on Gaming and creating computer games.

Programming Camps

Programming Camps with a focus on programming in Basic, C++, Java, Assembler, HTML, XML, OpenGL, JavaScript and more.

Robotics Camps

Computer Camps with a focus on projects with Motors and Robotics.

Digital Video Camps

Technology summer camps and Computer summer camps are great for boys and girls interested in learning technology. Many summer camps have a program focused on Filmmaking and Digital Video Editing.

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